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The most priority of the institution is the empowerment of women. As symbolised in the emblem, the college strives hard to impart education achieving the harmonious development of the Head, Heart and the Hand of women teachers who emerge from this institution. The entire curriculum activities are the blend of cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

The syllabi of the programmes were framed after consulting the guidelines prescribed by National (UGC, NCTE, NCERT), Regional (RIE) and State bodies (TNTEU) which ensures the defining element of teacher education ‘Quality’. The classroom transaction is also student-centred following the techniques of brainstorming, students’ seminar, peer group observation, usage of LMS, blog and other educational apps along with continuous and comprehensive evaluation pattern.

In line with educating the affective domain, the students are facilitated with regular yoga practices along with stress management activities, literary club activities (channelizing their interest in music, drama and other stage performances), regular assembly in the morning along with student’s Assembly talk for 5 minutes, Reading Daily divine digest , screening of noteworthy and educational films in our Theatre, events for spiritual development (Lighting ceremony, All faith prayer, dramatization of national epics and the life history of eminent personalities) along with the spiritual discourses conducted by the faculty members.

In order to train their psychomotor domain, the following activities are implemented (a) Basic Guide Captains’ Training Camp for one week, (b) Art and Craft instruction (origami, Terracotta, jute products, stitching and sewing, preparation of instructional aids, etc.) (c) Sports events (d) Utilisation of gym for physical fitness and (e) college events management. In that way, our college is distinctive in empowering women prospective teachers and teacher educator as agents of social change.

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