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Details of Ph.D Scholars

S.No Name Title Date of Joining Date of Thesis Submission Date of Viva Voce Research Supervisor Name University NET / SLET
1. D.R.Jasper Ponbala A Comparative Study on Elementary Teacher Education Curriculum in Tamil Nadu and Kerala 14-02-2002 2008 2012 Dr.V.Usha Sri Periyar University -
2. A.Balasundaram Attitude, Role Performance and Problem Faced by Teachers Teaching Children with Special Needs in inclusive Schools 05-04-2004 2011 27-04-2012 Dr.V.Usha Sri Periyar University -
3. B.Gayathri A Comparative study of value perception of working women of Salem and Chennai Corporation 16.04.2004 2013 Waiting for Viva Dr.S.Sumathi Periyar University -
4. M.Illangovan Effect of Perceptual Learning and Mnemonic Approaches in Mind Mapping of Biology at Higher Secondary School Level 04-05-2005 2010 11-02-2013 Dr.C.Janakavalli Periyar University -
5. M.Illangovan Constructivist Approach on Student Achievement in Science, Science Related Attitude, Science Process Skills and Perception of Nature Of Science at Secondary Level 12-07-2005 2011 11-12-2013 Dr.S.Sumathi Periyar University SET
6. P.Ananda Ganesan A Study of Learning Chemistry Concepts by Eleventh Standard Students Through Collaborative Learning Approach 22-10-2005 2011 - Dr.V.Usha Sri Periyar University -
7. N.Sivakumar A Study on Some Selected Psycho Social Variables Related to Educational Achievement of Scheduled Tribe Students in Shervarayan Hills Range in Tamil Nadu 04-03-2005 2012 17-12-2014 Dr.V.Usha Sri Periyar University -
8. V.Saroja A Study on The Psychological and Social Determinants in the Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students in Physical Science 08-04-2005 2011 30-12-2013 Dr.C.Janakavalli Periyar University -
9. S.Amritha Sumathy Perception, Attitude and Expectation of Learners and Teachers on Communicative Language Teaching at Higher Secondary Level 22-02-2008 Feb 2015 31-01-2018 Dr.T.Nagavalli Periyar University -
10. K.Santhakumari A Study on The Perception of Teacher Educators on the Practical aspects of Secondary Teacher Education 11-02-2008 2012 27-05-2012 Dr.C.Janakavalli Periyar University -
11. D.Thangamani Status Study on ICT Education, Attitude of Student Teachers towards ICT and usage of Available resources in colleges of Education 11-02-2008 11.02.2017 02.01.2020 Dr.T.Nagavalli Periyar University -
12. P.Sendhilkumar Awareness on Climate Change and Science Process Skills of XI Standard Students 11-02-2008 2015 20.11.2015 Dr.T.Nagavalli Periyar University -
13. P.Santhi An Analysis of Selective Psychological Traits And Academic Performance of B.Ed. Trainees in Pre service Training 11-02-2008 2013 06.09.2014 Dr.C.Janakavalli Periyar University -
14. R.Selvamathi Sugirtha Influence of Practice Teaching in Developing Life skills among Elementary and Secondary Level Teacher Trainees 22-02-2008 28-11-2014 Dr.C.Janakavalli Periyar University -
15. A.Balamallika Devi Historical Thinking Skills ,Thinking Styles of History Students at Higher Education Level 07.02.2012 08-04-2014 09-10-2017 Dr.C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai NET & SLET
16. S.Priyadarshini Impact of Life Skills Training in inclusion for Disabled Children Education 07.02.2012 04-07-2014 19.07.2017 Dr.C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai NET
17. S.Vimala Ramani Administrative Capabilities and Challenges of Women Heads at School Level 07.02.2012 15-07-2015 15.06.2019 Dr.C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
18. S.D.Subadra A Comparison of Secondary Teacher Education Curriculum in Universities of Tamil Nadu 07-02-2012 28-05-2014 09-10-2017 Dr.T.Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai NET & SET
19. N.Devi Kamatchi Meta Cognition and Achievement in Mathematics of Higher Secondary Students 09.02.2012 30-09-2015 15.06.2019 Dr.T.Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
20. K.Subashini Values in School Mathematics Content And Strategies to Integrate Values in Mathematics Teaching 09-02-2012 08-02-2014 19.07.2021 Dr.T.Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
21. V.Jayalakshmi Relative Effectiveness of Mnemonic Strategies, Constructivist approach and traditional method in achievement of chemistry among High School Students 09-02-2012 06.01.2016 20.12.2018 Dr.T.Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
22. S.Alex Amal Rajarathinam Attitude towards Library and Reading Habits of B.Ed. Students in relation to their Personality Profile 15.02.2012 2017 03.03.2021 Dr.T.Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai NET
23. P.Megala Identifying and Suggesting Apt Intervening Strategies for The Children With Speech Disorder in Inclusive Education in Salem District 05.12.2012 05.11.2015 20.12.2018 Dr.C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
24. L.Komathi Text Anxiety if Adolescents in Relation to their Self Regulated Learning and Cognitive Styles 03-12-2012 29.12.2015 19-03-2018 Dr.C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
25. P.Sooriya (Junior Research Fellowship) Prediction of Cultural Intelligence upon Perceive Parenting Styles of Adolescence 02-11-2012 02-11-2017 27.10.2018 Dr.C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai NET
26. M.Prabha Second Language Proficiency, Learning Strategies and Employability Skill of Undergraduate 08.08.2014 06-05-2014 Waiting for Viva Dr.T.Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
27. R.Saraswathy Integrating Technology in Mathematics in Relation to Learning Styles and Strategies of College Students 10-10-2014 22-12-2016 04.01.2020 Dr.T.Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
28. K.Malini (Rajiv Gandhi Senior Research Fellowship) Relationship Between Language Anxiety and Lexical Competence in the Teacher Behaviour of Secondary Level Language Teachers 10-10-2014 20.09.2019 18.01.2021 Dr.C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
29. K.Sathya (Rajiv Gandhi Senior Research Fellowship) Relationship between Science Pedagogy Content Knowledge and Teaching Behaviour in Cognitive Emotional Aspects of Prospective Teachers 24-10-2014 Sep 2019 Waiting for Viva Dr.C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
30. J.Mangaiyarkarasi Metamorphism of Learning Behaviour of Teacher Trainees Due to Digital Literacy and MOOC 16-04-2015 11-06-2018 Waiting for Viva Dr.C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai -
31. K.Ramya Problem Solving Strategies, Critical Thinking and Usage of Technology in Learning Mathematics of Under Graduate Mathematics Students 10-08-2015 16-03-2018 Waiting for Viva Dr.V.Priya TNTEU, Chennai -
32. N.Kothai Quality Teaching Performance of Teachers in Higher Educational Institutions and Attitude Towards Research and Extension 19.01.2017 26.08.2019 20.01.2021 Dr.V.Priya TNTEU, Chennai NET
33. A.Uma Maheswari Resilience Attitude Of High School Teachers And Instructional Strategy In Relation To Their Teaching Styles 19.01.2017 Aug 2019 01.03.2021 Dr.V.Priya TNTEU, Chennai NET & SET
34. E.V.Avineethini Perception on Environmental Issues in Relation to the Pro-Environmental Behaviour and Environmental Concerns of Secondary Level Teacher Trainees 26-09-2017 22.10.2020 Waiting for Viva Dr.V.Priya TNTEU, Chennai NET
35. N.Kokila Impact of Content based instruction in the enhancement of English Language Skills among High School Students 17-04-2018 Ongoing Dr.V.Priya TNTEU, Chennai SET
36. S.Kasthuri Mental Health and Higher Education Awareness of XII standard Tribal Students in Relation to Their Scholastic Performance. 14.11.2019 Ongoing Dr.S.Santhi TNTEU, Chennai -
37. M.Parkavi Perception on Digital Competence in relation to Attitude and Readiness of High school Teachers in Teaching English 13.11.2019 Ongoing Dr.R.Selvamathi Sugirtha TNTEU, Chennai -
38. P.Ambika Awareness and Usage of Educational Apps and Digital skills in relation to their Heutagogy of Undergraduate students in Salem District 13.11.2019 Ongoing Dr.R.Selvamathi Sugirtha TNTEU, Chennai -
39. S.Gomathi Metacognitive awareness and Learning styles in relation to self-efficacy of prospective teachers 16.11.2019 Ongoing Dr.R.Selvamathi Sugirtha TNTEU, Chennai -
40. V.Radhamani Self Confidence, social intelligence and Academic achievement of high school students in relation to their Parents Education 18-11-2019 Ongoing Dr.S.Santhi TNTEU, Chennai -
41. P.Madhivadhani Social Maturity and Mental Health of Undergraduate Students in relation to their Academic Achievement 14.11.2019 Ongoing Dr.S.Santhi TNTEU, Chennai -
42. V.Mohanasundaram Utilization of open educational resources in Covid'19 pandemic period among higher secondary mathematics students in relation to their scholastic achievement at Erode Dist 14.11.2019 Ongoing Dr.S.Santhi TNTEU, Chennai -