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Funded projects

Funded Research Projects completed and on-going

S.No RESEARCH TITILE Name of the funding agency Investigator Duration Amount
1 Developing Communicative Efficiency in English of B.Ed. Trainees UGC Minor Project Dr.P.Rani Padmini 2 Years




2 Empowerment of Women with Sensory Disabilities: Perspective and Intervention Programme UGC Major Project Dr.C.Janakavalli 3 Years 2005-2007 Rs.4.26 lakhs Completed
3 Interactional Effect of Level of Aspiration and Attitude towards Teaching on the Teaching Competency of teacher trainees UGC Minor Project Dr.V.Usha Sri 2 Year 2007-2009 Rs.66000 Completed
4 An Investigation of Innovation and Best Practices in ICT Education in Teacher Education Centre for Educational Research, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai

Minor Project Rs.60,000

Dr.T.Nagavalli 1 Year 2008-2009 Rs.60000 Completed
5 Developing Module for Pedagogical Approaches in Teaching Life Skills for Differently Abled Girls in Inclusive Education UGC Major Projects 2,55,000 Dr.C.Janakavalli 2 Years 2011-13 Rs.430000


6 E-teaching Competencies of School Teachers in Tamil Nadu UGC Minor Project

Amount sanctioned 68,550

Dr.V.Priya 1 ½ Years 2011-12 Rs.75000


7 Study of Dyscalculic Primary School Children in Salem District and Evaluation of Applicability of Innovative Strategies as Remedial Measures ERIC-NCERT Major Research Project Dr.T.Nagavalli 2 Years 2012-14 Rs.310000


8 Designing Instructional Strategies for Blended Learning to Transact B.Ed. curriculum UGC Major Research Projects Rs.524600 Dr.T.Nagavalli 2 Years 2012-14 Rs.532600


9 Devising Integrated Instructional Strategy to enhance the ability of student teachers in English Prose Teaching ICSSR Minor Project Amount Sanctioned Rs.2,00,000 Dr.K.Kamala Devi

2017-18 Rs.2,00,000


10 Crafting and deploying Module on Transactional styles among student teachers ICSSR Major Project Amount Sanctioned 5,35,000 Dr.K.P.Shanmuga Vadivu

2018 onwards Rs.5,35,000

On going