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In house Projects


1. A study on values in X standard language text book
2. Attitude of Teacher Trainees Towards teaching
3. Job Anxiety of Teachers
4. Important historical events in the world
5. Ancient educational institution of South India
6. Spiritual intelligence of B.Ed. Trainees
7. Study on Teaching competency of B.Ed. Teacher Trainees
8. Teaching Effectiveness of B.Ed. Trainees
9. Study on awareness of life skills of B.Ed. Trainees
10. Effectiveness of instructional aids in practice teaching among B.Ed trainees
11. A study on emotional intelligence of B.Ed trainees
12. A study on scientific temper among B.Ed trainees
13. Impact of SIM in problems faced by higher secondary students while studying the concepts of nomenclature in organic chemistry
14. Personal Effectiveness of B.Ed Teacher Trainees
15. Self-Reflection on Practicum of B.Ed. programme
16. Analysis of teacher’s opinion on CCE pattern at high school level(M.Phil)
17. Influences Leading to the Success of a Parent –Teacher Association
18. Self Efficacy and workplace wellbeing of high school teachers (M.phil)
19. Impact of instructional aids in teaching during internship at secondary level teaching
20. Knowledge of student teachers on Internet Usage and Intention to Browse(Ph.D)
21. Effectiveness of instructional aids in practice teaching among B.Ed. trainees
22. A study on leadership styles of B.Ed. and M.Ed. trainees
23. A study on life skills emotional management among B.Ed. teacher trainees
24. A study on learning styles among B.Ed. trainees
25. A Study Skills of X Standard Students
26. Team Teaching in Teaching Science to the X Standard Students
27. Teaching perspectives of prospective teachers
28. Self-evaluation of postgraduate education students
29. Need gratification of student teachers
30. Effectiveness of English Newspaper Reading in enhancing the Vocabulary Power of B.Ed. students
31. An Analysis of Spiritual Wellness of Prospective Teachers
32. Optimistic and Pessimistic Attitude of Higher Secondary School Students of Salem
33. Reading Habits of Undergraduate Students
34. Academic Stress of B.Ed. students
35. Prospective Teachers Perception on Interaction behaviour of Teacher Educator
36. Attitude of College students towards Learning English Languages
37. Thinking styles of B.Ed Students
38. Efficacy of yoga on memory and anxiety of student teachers
39. Critical thinking and problem solving ability of student teachers
40. Scientific attitude and Environmental awareness of High School Students
41. Secondary level teacher trainees opinion about two year B. Ed Programme
42. Emotional intelligence and Self- Evaluation of student teachers
43. Study on motivational traits of science learning among the B. Ed Trainees
44. Scientific attitude of secondary school students
45. Cognitive Emotion Regulation of Student Teachers
46. Reading comprehension skill of prospective teachers in English
47. Emotional Intelligence among secondary level student teachers

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