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Psychology Laboratory

Educational psychology is the discipline that focuses on understanding how human beings acquire knowledge and how they are moulded by the learning environment. The main objective of this laboratory is to acquaint the student teachers with various tests, to foster necessary skills for administering and interpreting the test so that they can know about learner and they can assist and guide in the development of balanced personality of the learner. A fully equipped Psychology Laboratory is available in the College premises from its inception and all essential paper pencil and performance tests are available in the laboratory.

The Purpose of Psychology Laboratory are:

  1. To facilitate both B.Ed and M.Ed students to understand the mode to conduct psychological experiments.
  2. To provide practical insights to student teachers which are pertaining to psychological Concepts and Principles.
  3. To employ and enrich the knowledge of eccentric psychological experiments in the various school atmosphere.
  4. To enable the M.Ed Students to apply the principles of psychological tests in the respective research works.

Facilities in the Psychology Laboratory

The Psychology Laboratory has comprised more than 50 paper pencil test materials and 15 performance tests which are applicable for B.Ed., and M.Ed Students. Psychological Tests including the Intelligence Tests, Aptitude tests, Creativity Test, Personality Scales, Attitude tests and Interest Inventories. M.Ed. and B.Ed. students assess personality, attitude, and interest of learners through these tests. It is useful for B.Ed. students to enhance their practical knowledge and it will be a guiding tool for them in their future career. Both B.Ed. and M.Ed. Students perform their practical work using the different Psychology tests in various topics present in the Educational Psychology curriculum. Practical classes have been conducted weekly twice for B.Ed students and weekly once for M.Ed. students.