In this era of Information Technology, where the world is dynamically evolving into a Virtual Global Village, communicating effectively is the key to success. Traditional language teaching and learning methods have proven to be inadequate or time-consuming, the concept of introducing exclusive Language Learning Centres at educational institutions across the country have come into practice lately. These centers offer decisive, intensive and phonetically correct internationally approved course modules to students under the expert guidance of a qualified linguist/teacher. Here is where for the sophisticated, effective and easy implementation of language teaching our institution installed a digital language laboratory with the software Shine Tech Express Pro Language Lab. This 100% digitized tool enables linguists to maintain constant two-way communication with every student independently and offers precise guidance during sessions even in large classrooms through networked computers from the confine of the instructor’s console.

The language laboratory is an audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. Language laboratories are study rooms equipped with electronic sound-reproduction devices, enabling students to hear model pronunciations of foreign languages and to record and hear their own voices as they engage in pattern drills.

Digital Language Lab Incorporates

  • Listen
  • Speak / Respond
  • Read
  • Write / Type
  • Recording and Evaluating

For the effective achievement of the above objectives, the language lab functions well at regular interval for the student teachers.