Details of ph.D scholars


S.No Name Title Date of Joining Date of Thesis Submission Date of Viva  Voce Research Supervisor Name University
1 D.R.Jasper Ponbala A Comparative Study on Elementary Teacher Education Curriculum in Tamil Nadu and Kerala 14-02-2002 2008 2012 Dr. V.Usha Sri Periyar University
2 A.Balasundaram Attitude, Role Performance and Problem Faced by Teachers Teaching Children with Special Needs in inclusive Schools 05-04-2004 2011 27-04-2012 Dr. V.Usha Sri Periyar University
3 M.Illangovan Effect of Perceptual Learning and Mnemonic Approaches in Mind Mapping of Biology at Higher Secondary School Level 04-05-2005 2010 11-02-2013 Dr.C. Janakavalli Periyar University
4 R.Nagalakshmi Effectiveness of Constructivist Approach on Student Achievement in Science, Science Related Attitude, Science Process Skills and Perception of Nature Of Science at Secondary Level 12-07-2005 2011 11-12-2013 Dr.S. Sumathi Periyar University
5 P.Ananda Ganesan A Study of Learning Chemistry Concepts by Eleventh Standard Students Through Collaborative Learning Approach 22-10-2005 2011   Dr. V.Usha Sri Periyar University
6 N.Sivakumar A Study on Some Selected Psycho Social Variables Related to Educational Achievement of Scheduled Tribe Students in Shervarayan Hills Range in Tamil Nadu 04-03-2005 2012 17-12-2014  

Dr.V. Usha Sri

Periyar University
7 V. Saroja A Study on The Psychological and Social Determinants in the Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students in Physical Science 08-04-2005 2011 30-12-2013 Dr.C. Janakavalli Periyar University
8 S. Amritha Sumathy Perception, Attitude and Expectation of Learners and Teachers on Communicative Language Teaching at Higher Secondary Level 22-02-2008 Feb 2015 31-01-2018 Dr. T. Nagavalli Periyar University
9 K. Santhakumari A Study on The

Perception of Teacher Educators on the Practical aspects of Secondary Teacher Education

11-02-2008 2012 27-05-2012 Dr.C.Janakavalli Periyar University
10 D.Thangamani Status Study on ICT Education, Attitude of Student Teachers towards ICT and usage of Available resources in colleges of Education 11-02-2008 11.02.2017   Dr. T. Nagavalli Periyar University
11 P.Sendhilkumar Awareness on Climate Change and Science Process  Skills of XI Standard Students 11-02-2008 2015 20.11.2015  

Dr. T. Nagavalli

Periyar University
12 P.Santhi An Analysis of Selective Psychological Traits And Academic Performance of B.Ed Trainees in Pre service Training 11-02-2008 2013   C..Janakavalli Periyar University
13 R.Selvamathi Sugirtha Influence of Practice Teaching in Developing Life skills among Elementary and Secondary Level Teacher Trainees 22-02-2008   28-11-2014 C..Janakavalli Periyar University
14 A. Balamallika Devi Historical Thinking Skills ,Thinking Styles of History Students at Higher Education Level 23-12-2011 08-04-2014 9-10-2017 Dr. C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai
15 N. Devi Kamatchi Meta Cognition and Achievement in Mathematics of Higher Secondary Students 24-02-2011 30-09-2015   Dr. T. Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai
16 S. Priyadarshini Impact of Life Skills Training for Disabled Children in inclusion Education 04-01-2012 04/07/2014   Dr. C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai
17 S. Vimala Ramani Administrative Capabilities and Challenges of Women Heads at School Level 12-03-2012 15-07-2015   Dr. C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai
18 S.D.Subadra A Comparison of Secondary Teacher Education Curriculum in Universities of Tamil Nadu 05-01-2012 28-05-2014 9-10-2017 Dr. T. Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai
19 Subashini



Values in School Mathematics Content And Strategies to Integrate Values in Mathematics Teaching 09-02-2012 08-02-2014   Dr. T. Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai
20 P. Megala Identifying and Suggesting Apt Intervening Strategies for The Children With Speech Disorder in Inclusive Education in Salem District 05/12/2012 5/11/2015   Dr. C..Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai
21 L. Komathi Text Anxiety if Adolescents in Relation to their Self Regulated Learning and Cognitive Styles 28-12-2012   19-03-2018 Dr. C..Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai
22 P.Sooriya Prediction of Cultural Intelligence upon Perceive Parenting Styles of Adolescence 2-11-2012 2-11-2017   Dr. C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai


Integrating Technology in Mathematics in Relation to Learning Styles and Strategies of College Students




22-12-2016   Dr. C.Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai
24 K.Malini Relationship Between Language Anxiety and Lexical Competence in the Teacher Behaviour of Secondary Level Language Teachers 10-10-2014 Ongoing Dr. T. Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai
25 M.Prabha Second Language Proficiency, Learning Strategies and Employability Skill of Undergraduate 21-04-2014 06-05-2014 08-03-2017 Dr. T. Nagavalli TNTEU, Chennai
26 K.Sathya Relationship between Science Pedagogy Content Knowledge and Teaching Behaviour in Cognitive Emotional Aspects of Prospective Teachers 24-10-2014 Ongoing Dr. C.Janagavalli TNTEU, Chennai
27 J. Mangaiyarkarasi Metamorphism of Leqarning Behaviour of Teacher Trainees Due to Digital Literacy and Mooc 16-04-2015 11-06-2018   Dr. C.Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai
28 K.Ramya Problem Solving Strategies, Critical Thinking and Usage of Technology in Learning Mathematics of Under Graduate Mathematic Students 10-08-2015 16-03-2018   Dr. V. Priya TNTEU, Chennai
29 N.Kothai Quality Teaching Performance of Teachers in Higher Educational Institutions and Attitude Towards Research and Extension 13-02-2017 Ongoing Dr.C. Janakavalli TNTEU, Chennai
30 A.Umamaheswari Resilience Attitude Of High School Teachers And Instructional Strategy In Relation To Their Teaching Styles 13-02-2017 Ongoing Dr. V. Priya TNTEU, Chennai
31 E.V.Avineethini




Perception on Environmental Issues in Relation to the  Pro-Environmental Behaviour and Environmental  Concerns of Secondary Level Teacher Trainees 26-09-2017 Ongoing Dr. V. Priya TNTEU, Chennai
32 N.Kokila English  Edcation 17-04-2018 Ongoing Dr. V. Priya TNTEU, Chennai