vision and mission


To make “QUALITY” the defining element of teacher education through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives


The college is striving her best for empowerment of women teacher trainees an integrated education of Head, Heart and Hand.

  • Character building leading to moral leadership
  • A blend of intellectual curiosity with emotional, social and spiritual intelligence
  • Teacher preparation addressing the challenges of national and global perspectives
  • To inculcate intellectual, moral and spiritual values among teacher trainees for the advancement of the country in general and Tamil Nadu in particular
  • To train teachers, to imbibe the cultural and spiritual treasures of the land so that they become masters of themselves and servants of the mankind
  • To provide adequate knowledge and skills of teaching and learning in the young trainees and develop in them a positive attitude towards teaching profession
  • To strive and achieve high standards in an atmosphere of autonomy
  • To appreciate and respect all faiths and foster religious harmony as well as national integration
  • To realize the values of life following the preaching of the Holy Trinity – Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda

The core values in the changing context are also focused

  • Contribution to national development by serving the cause of social justice, ensuring equality and increasing access to higher education
  • Fostering global competencies by developing high calibre at nationally comparable and internationally acceptable standards with innovative, creative and entrepreneurial capacities to realize networking with the neighbourhood and fostering a closer relationship between the world of work and living
  • Inculcating a value system in students the college gives main focus through its entire campus experiences and multifarious activities to enhance the qualities of co-operation and mutual understanding
  • Promoting the use of technology as a learning resource as well as managing the activities of the institution namely documentation and electronic data management
  • Quest for excellence through establishment of IQAC for quality sustenance and enhancement


The College Emblem


The College Emblem symbolizes the lofty ideals of Sri Sarada College of Education. The bright Sun stands for the development of the Head and the knowledge that focuses things in their true light. The waxing Moon suggests the steady development of the Heart in love of God and of His creation. The significance of fine arts and crafts for the development of the Hand, enriching in life is suggested by the Veena. The emblem has been aptly designed symbolizing the harmonious development of the Head, Heart and the Hand of the Women teachers who emerge from this institution. Such a woman will be the Kamadhenu, the Divine Cow, whose service to humanity is abundant.